Winter Wonderland

Mother nature does not like to make up her mind.  This week, she decided to grace us with all four seasons!

Earlier in the week, we were experiencing some spring/ fall weather.  I have been walking around the track at recess with some of my students, and we have been run/ walking the past few weeks.  It was cool enough earlier in the week, we were comfortable walking and running in long sleeves.


By Thursday, it reached almost 80 degrees. I went outside in my short sleeve Ms. Frizzle dress and was quite comfortable.  I mean 80 degrees in March is pretty impressive!

Then, this morning, we woke up to snow on the ground! Yes, that white stuff that requires it to be freezing in order to occur! We ended up driving around some pretty neighborhoods after church to admire the snow.


There is something about snow, and crip air that just makes me happy! (There is also something about 80 degree weather in march that makes me happy- I am not complaining).

We have a relaxing day on the agenda.  We are going to go to Zack’s parents to watch the NASCAR race, and I have big plans to read my new “Number Talks” book.  All you teachers out there, this is a good one! I am one of those huge nerds that loves to read about teaching!

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend!

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