Rock Climbing!

School Week!

School this week was quite interesting! We had spirit week which consisted of dressing up in different outfits each day!

Monday: Wacky Tacky day- I dressed up in a million bright, mismatched running clothes.

Tuesday: Hornets day- dressed in blue and purple

Wednesday: Camping/ Camo day. I officially own my first ever piece of camo attire because of this day.  I also wore my hiking pack to school and many of my students actually thought I was going camping.

Thursday: Book character day: I dressed up as Ms. Frizzle because Science is simply the best!

Friday: Pajama day. This day always cracks me up.  It so so stinking funny seeing a bunch of teachers and kids all wearing pjs!

My wonderful students all got to take a test in their pajamas on Friday!  When ever they take a test, they must show their work on scrap paper.  This is one of the pieces of scrap paper with “work” on it that a student turned in…

And the weekend begins!

After school, I met up with a friend and her pups at a local park for some trail hiking.  On the way back home Zack called me, informing me we were going to go rock climbing for “date night.”

I haven’t been rock climbing in at least 5 years and my fear of heights intensifies as I get older, but I was still excited to go!

This place was amazing! By far the biggest rock climbing place I have ever been to. It looks high from the ground- it looks even higher in the air!


I quickly learned that I much prefer being on the ground then being halfway up a three story building.


Zack was like a monkey though! He just climbing straight to the top over and over again. He is also much stronger than me and was able to do some of the harder bouldering courses. I stuck to the novice ones. 🙂


It took my about 20 times climbing a bit farther each time before I finally got enough nerves to get to the top of one of the courses.  The course I reached the top on, may or may not have been in the children’s room with extra padding on the floor. 🙂


I definitely got a little less scared each time and would be very interested i going back.  We found out a few nights when they have deals and have plans to go back in a few weeks!


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