Snow Weekend

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I am currently not allowed to work out or move around a ton- which is driving me CRAZY! So, Husband has been trying to come up with things for me to do at home other than work.

A few weeks ago Zack found these old videos on Netflix where you paint with Bob Ross.  The first time he put one on I was like “what the heck are we watching,” but it is memorizing watching the guy paint! Seriously, if you have Netflix, go watch him paint and you will understand what I mean.  Anyway, so Zack got in his head that we could totally paint along with him.  This coupled with me not being allowed to move much, led to us going to a craft store, buying paint and sitting on the floor of our Den with a drop cloth under us, ready to paint a masterpiece.


We quickly learned that we are not Bob Ross. We also learned Bob Ross is a painting magician.  Seriously, the guys hands are magical.  He would say something like “and just place a touch a paint right here” and it would like like a majestic snow bank, then you do it and it looks like someone shot a paint gun at your canvas.  Zack and I were getting SO FRUSTRATED! I thought Zack’s ended up looking really good.  I finally got so frustrated I took a few paper towels and literally wiped off the paint all over my painting.  Then I started again and just did my own thing.


Zack’s Painting


My Painting

I have actually painted before, but only with Acrylic. Oil Paint is extremely difficult to clean. It took a solid hour and a whole lot of turpentine to clean everything up.  I think it will be awhile before we use those oil paints again.

On another note, I used to crochet a lot when I as little.  I actually learned how in school in second grade. It was part of the curriculum where I lived in Alaska. I haven’t crocheted in about six years, but I know several women who either just had or are currently expecting babies so when I saw yarn at the craft store yesterday, I picked some up to make some blankets.  Zack asked me what the yarn was for, and when I told him he laughed and said “you know how to make a blanket?” extremely skeptically.  So I preceded to practically finish a blanket last night to impress the husband.   🙂


Crocheting on the way home from the store


What it looked like when I went to bed. 












I have also realized, I have no idea how big to make a baby blanket so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

I hope you are all enjoying your Mondays!

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