I tired Orange Theory!

I have only gone to one class, so I am by no means claiming to be an expert on Orange Theory. This is just my review of my hour and a half experience with Orange Theory!


What is Orange Theory?

Orange Theory is a work out class where you complete circuits of strength and cardio exercise.  In my experience, it was about 25 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes switching between strength exercises and the rowing machine.  It was my understanding that each class focuses on different aspects of fitness.  The focus of the class I went to was “power.”

The Set up:

I went with my best friend to the class.  We were told to get there a half hour early so we could have everything explained to us.  At first I thought this was A LOT of time to go over a class, but it ended up being good.  They ask if there is anything they need to know about you, how much you work out, and show you how to use all of the equipment. They also fit you with a heart rate monitor which connects to a screen during the class so you can see how many calories you have burned, which zone you are in, and what your beats per minute are.  I loved this because I was determined to be in at least zone 4 the whole time.  It was definitely motivation to work out harder.

The Workout 

Half the class started on the treadmills and half the class started on the rowing machines. I started on the rowing machines.  It turned out this was just a warm up before we did strength circuits.  We did two separate strength circuits one of which included the rower.  I really liked these circuits because they were quick so I also got cardio in during them.  Plus, I worked harder than I might in a regular work out class because I wanted my display on the screen to at least be “orange”- zone four. After about 25 minutes, we switched to the treadmills. The treadmills were very bouncy, and I really liked them. We ran intervals and they were the perfect amount of time where it was hard, but short enough so you know you could do it.  After the treadmill, we stretched for the last five minutes and looked at our statistics for the workout.

What I liked: 

  • The first class is FREE so you can try it out!- just be carefully because you might really like it!
  • All of the statistics you get- How many minute you were in each zone, how many calories you burned, and how many “points” you earned- based on time in zones 4 and 5.
  • How motivating the whole environment was. People I didn’t even know were cheering me on.
  • I definitely got a really good work out.
  • The staff made sure I was comfortable before the class started, and made sure I was good throughout the class.
  • They have a teachers discount!

What I didn’t love: 

  • The classes are very expensive.
  • You have to buy and Orange Theory specific heart rate monitor if you sign up for the class.
  • After the class, the staff was very excited to get us signed up immediately.  I understand why they would do this, but I felt very pressured.  I like to think things over before I commit to something that expensive.
  • It would be difficult to not go all out (for me personally) because there are so many motivating factors.  Maybe this would change if you went every day, but I think I would push myself too hard too often if I signed up for unlimited classes.




Over all, I really enjoyed my experience.  I wish they had an option where you could sign up for a certain amount of classes to use at any time, because I would sign up for that. Even so, I would consider signing up for the once a week option.  At the very least, I would recommend trying a free class to anyone!

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