Dinner is a Pathway to Dessert

First, I should mention that I really do try to eat healthy.  I cook healthy meals, I eat my fruits and vegetables and I try to drink water all day long. However, I have a definite sweet tooth and the second dinner is over, I CRAVE dessert.  Usually ice cream.  I often jokingly(ish) tell my husband dinner is a pathway to dessert.

Anyone who has met me for more than five minutes knows I LOVE ice cream.  I used to just not buy it, but since being married, it is always in our house! IMG_3107.JPG

I got approval from the hubs for using a spoon in the container- there wasn’t much left. If it wasn’t four million dollars a plate, I would have had an ice cream bar at our wedding for sure!

During the winter months I often find myself replacing my daily ice cream consumption with Hot Chocolate.  This memo must have gotten around a little, because I received quite a few different hot chocolates for Christmas this year. IMG_3108.JPG

There is just something nice about curling up with a hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night.

And on that note… I think I’ll go make some hot chocolate!

Feel free to comment: What are your go to dessert choices?

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